Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Mastering Emails Course

    • Introduction to the Email Course

    • Before We Get Started...

  • 2

    Email Templates

    • Email Templates Quick Setup Newsletter

    • Email Templates Quick Setup Featured Wine and Event

    • Email Templates Quick Setup Blank

    • Email Templates Blank from Scratch

    • Updating Template Images and Cells

    • Tips On Updating an HTML Template

  • 3

    Email Categories

    • Email Categories to Define Where the Send Happens

    • Email Categories

  • 4

    Email Documents

    • Making an Email Document with A System Template

    • Making an Email Document with A HTML Template

    • Advanced Email Document Uses with An HTML Email

    • Auto Populating Tags and Email Names

  • 5

    Using Mailchimp to Make Templates for WineDirect

    • Making the WD Template

    • Set Default Template Builder to Classic in Mailchimp

    • Making the MC Template

    • Adding MC to WD

    • How To Use Mailchimp to Create Templates in WineDirect

  • 6

    Action Emails

    • An Introduction to Action Emails - One Click Configure

    • Action Emails Categories and Actions

    • Action Emails Creating New Email Documents

    • Action Emails Template and Setup Queue

    • Action Emails Queue and DNS List

    • Action Emails Use Cases

  • 7

    System Emails

    • What Is A System Email

    • Using System Emails

  • 8

    Advanced Template Replacement

    • Introduction to the Advanced Section

    • Email Template Replacement Code

    • Replacing System Email Templates

    • Replacing Action Email Template

    • Validating and Testing New Emails

    • Before We Finish...