Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Mastering Promos

    2. Before We Get Started...

    1. All Coupons Are Promos; Not All Promos Are Coupons

    2. Promos - General Information Completed

    3. Defining How The Discount Works

    4. Explore: Categories, Order Types and Shipping Types

    5. Promo Coupling

    6. Promos Technical Documentation Link

    7. Promos Basics Knowledge Check

    1. Establishing Tasting Room Pours

    2. Tasting Room Pours - Finishing the Build

    1. Donation Samples and More

    2. How to Process a Zero Dollar Order

    3. Non-Dynamic Zero Sale Promos

    4. Zero Sale Knowledge Check

    1. Club Member Promos - Base Discount

    2. Club Member Promos - Merch and Shipping

    3. Adding Tiered Product Discounts

    4. Adding Tiered Shipping Discounts

    5. Building out the Rest of your Club Discounts

    6. Pro Tip: Categories Help!

    7. Adding Short Run Promotional Discounts Correctly

    8. Club Member Promo Knowledge Check

    1. Single Use Promo in place of a refund

    2. Automate Club Member Complimentary Tastings

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